Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#100HappyDays Doc's Friendly Advice to Diarrhea, What to Eat

I've been sick for the past few days, immobile really, weak and haunted by the question, "What do I eat when something I ate made me sick?" It made me cautious and worried that my body was rejecting everything I was eating, especially in the past 2 days (and so many Skyflakes and glasses of water later on the first day). My first response was to take Seirogan and when that didn't calm the pain, I took Diatabs (tsk tsk). The pain did go away but I know that my body is not well (probably made it worse), stuffed and on the edge.

Lo and behold, I got to talk to someone (Doc thank you so much, you've made such a difference in my life!) who gave me a piece of her mind this morning and here's what I got from it:

- Listen to my body more and remember the incident for next time. Instead of letting all the toxins flush out and just kept on hydrating, I actually prevented it from doing a natural thing.
- I was guessing that buko juice made me sick. At this weather, I might have drank one that's spoiled (panis) already. Fresh buko (just opened and poured into a clean jug), on the other hand, could help me in my current condition. 
- Good thing I had the will to do Barre3 today and it was a mild workout. Made sure I was pretty hydrated even if it seemed that I didn't sweat. I will bring Gatorade next time like you said. Update: I've just tried the powder version and it tastes way better than the liquid one I was avoiding =D
- I need probiotics in my system now. Yakult and yoghurt approved!
- I might have been lacking in potassium so I was weak. Started stocking up on Latundan bananas (while waiting for some unripe Senyoritas here). 
- I might have to continue on avoiding solids for now. My tummy started aching again when I ate last night. Congee with lots of ginger (luyang dilaw) time to fight those infections.. Huh, Dr. Jo's Rapha Valley Organic Farm wellness lessons are certainly creeping up on me now... I don't suppose salads will do me good right now also. Maybe in a few days..
- Miso soup with leeks is a good source of protein and other things. Heard her say goes all the way to the intestines. Must be one of the things that keep Japanese healthy...
- I was looking for barley tea at the store and couldn't find a pack =( Lemme try a Korean grocery...
- *Mine - Instead of getting all frustrated and saying this shouldn't be happening, I want to embrace the pain and me being sick, allow my body to recover and put my health above other things for now. I acknowledge that I have commitments and I will find something that works.
- *Mine - Barre3 28-day challenge rest days aren't for going all-out on buffets and pan-tos. Choose what you eat and take into consideration if it was prepared a long time ago. Eat food while it's hot as they spoil easily (don't let it spoil right there while you get lost in your work).
- *Mine - Sorry, Friends. Please don't take it to heart when I tell you that I'm not going out (especially eating out so suddenly) until I'm all better.

#100HappyDays Doc's Friendly Advice to Diarrhea, What to Eat

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