Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love Concert

We got a couple of last-minute lower box tickets to the BoyzIIMen concert! Sitting there in a corner, I watched while waves upon waves of love songs took me back to the most vulnerable moments of my life. There were brief flashbacks of my high school self and the general feeling of sadness. Loneliness was an old, old friend. It made me wonder why I was hooked to songs of heartbreak, separation and yearning. Why was I an avid fan of those kinds of songs anyway? They must have been there for me and spoke the depths of my mind aloud. Or at least in the song, there was a relationship that I didn't have.

I wished there were more songs of being in love and not of heartbreak. Maybe it could speak out my feelings at the moment with the love of my life and ignite that spark of romance. It is ironic that lovers would want to watch a love concert filled with songs of separation. In another light, it would be a good turnout to realize that they don't want to be in the situation of breaking up then listening to these songs. Or would it make things sweeter the second time around?

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