Sunday, August 22, 2010

Delish Night

I think the appropriate catch phrase to cap this wonderful night is My Kind of Oyster, My World. It was a nice lounge-like experience to be in Delish. For me, it was a perfect and memorable place for good food, good company and three new delectable dishes that will probably stay with me for a long time. For the record, I would like to state my three most gastronomical favorites, two of which I never thought I would enjoy in this lifetime. My least favorite foods ever are oysters and potatoes but I will go back to Delish anytime to eat those Baked Oysters with Spinach, Bacon and Herbs and the darling side dish of Mashed Potatoes mixed with cheese and carrots. All the food served was “Delish-ous!” from the baked oysters to the grilled eggplant and pumpkin soup to the glazed chicken with mashed potatoes to the crispy pata to the spicy chicken wings to the fish fillet with banana and tomato sauce to the pinakbet and all the way to my most favorite, Butterscotch Paklova dessert. I am sure I would drag somebody to go back and try the other dishes in no time. I would not hesitate to put Delish in my top faves and start raving about it from this day on.

The thought of having a known favorite place to eat my two least favorite food would mean that I have set a whole new record for myself to go out there and correct or somehow curb bad first impressions of everything - two point five in one night. I am not certain though that this negates my dislike for them. I am only saying that I can eat oysters and mashed potatoes now but I will only eat them if it tastes like or even better that Delish. And to have a new favorite sweet tooth craving in that same place makes stuff even better too. I guess when some things are presented differently and you are with the company of friends, even those you have only met for the first time, a whole new appreciation for good conversation paired with good food opens up. I might get used to this life, thanks to all the wonderful people, new friends. What I want to say is as simple as this, kidding aside, at this moment I feel as if the world is my oyster.

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