Friday, August 20, 2010

Painful Scrub

They say it's all for the name of beauty. For me, it's curiosity and the pain that engulfs you and keeps you awake in the whole process. After the treatment, I concluded that spas are one of my least favorite places in the world. The GC specifically said whitening marine mud pack. No offense to the warm and accommodating lady who did the whole process, but the scrubbing made me cringe in pain and take it all in silence. I imagined the experience as that biology experiment where the frog is pinned down and exposed until it slowly died while one by one its parts were removed for study. This scrub, like all scrubs, are supposed to strip away dead skin cells and the results leave your skin feeling silky and smooth, in a finite moment that is. But the point of the matter is, our lifestyles never change and the brave ones eventually go back and gradually, the painful experience becomes a very relaxing experience for them - a complete 180 turn. 

As I let my body recuperate from this shock, one fact remains as an outcome of that experience. Pain keeps us feeling alive. It occasionally drives us out of our wits and keeps us hoping that it will soon stop. Ultimately, it leaves an invisible scar but what makes us maintain our silence at a recurring rate is that, from our experience or view of how things work, there are some things are really supposed to hurt before it gets better, very much like that injection of anesthesia or confronting the past to move on with your life.

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