Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dissecting a Hard Drive

I was trying to finish my left-over work by scanning my external hard disk for previous policies that I could incorporate and I was surprised at how disorganized my files were. The idea of "clutter hidden in plain sight" did not surprise me when I read about it in the Unclutterer. I bought the hard drive to serve as backup just in case my laptop fails again. It did, twice, and while I was waiting for a new one, which took months, I used other computers to store my files. I collated everything I could in that hard drive and made a partial backup in my new laptop. I also use the hard drive as a backup for my new laptop so the data just piled under different folders. The thought that if I remove doubles and erase the more recent one bothered me so I just kept them both.

The hard drive was like a large magic drawer where I keep random stuff. I haven't even consumed half of the maximum GB. This is probably why I haven't thought about the cleanup. The circumstances have changed now, I have this gnawing feeling to separate my personal stuff with my previous work stuff, which I want to desperately turn over. I will still keep the work folder but I want to make things right by removing all the unusable drafts and duplicates. By the end of this arduous task, my hard drive will probably have more space for my future personal stuff.

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