Friday, March 25, 2011

Som's Thai Food in Makati

We almost missed Som's since we only went there with a "near Rockwell" address and a "near the residential area" warning. I was wondering if Som's will replace my current favorite, Thai Dara, when it comes to Thai food. Thai Dara remains unmatched although I found another dish I liked in Som's too.

The Thai iced tea is something to look forward to for both the restaurants.

Som's version is the concentrated and cheap one (at P40).

The Red Beef Curry surprised me. I hate curry normally but this one I won't argue and just eat this spicy goodness with lots of rice. 

The Tom Yum was a tad too spicy that it was hard to taste the other flavors.

The garlic chicken was forgettable for me and had a small serving.

Lastly, the Pad Thai was too sour for me. I give this and the Tom Yum to Thai Dara. 

Because Som's made me realize that I don't hate all curries, I would definitely go back for the Red Curry, the Iced Tea and to try other specialties. I would include this in my Guiltless List of Restaurants in Manila


  1. i have a love affair with Thai food, and it all started in Soms.

    too bad, after eating the authentic version in Bangkok, everything here in Pinas spells disappointment. =(


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