Saturday, June 25, 2011

Go Try Out Barre3 NOW!

I've just heard that they're doing away with the Free Barre3 Philippines First-Timer Trials starting July 1, 2011! I've been raving about it for a few months now, especially when Isla (one of my favorite Barre3 instructors) told us after a workout to go and take the energy we've created to the people we love and those around us. It inspired me that day of who I can become for other people.

I am somewhat saddened because I started with a free trial myself and I was hooked ever since. I feel energized, healthier and thinner actually ever since I started. If you haven't tried it yet, go call them at your nearest branch here to reserve a slot for your free trial before June 30, 2011! Slots fill up quick!

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